Kelcey Swain

Composer and Sound Artist

Dr Kelcey Swain works in the field of electroacoustic composition and audio programming. He has worked at Keele, Bristol, and Sheffield Universities.

Under the supervision and guidance of Martyn Harry, Peter Manning and Trevor Wishart. Kelcey completed a portfolio of compositions for the degree of PhD. This work was based on exploring the interactions between humans and machines specifically computers. This work was completed at the studios in Durham and at Culture Lab, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Kelcey was born in Gloucester in 1982 and it was quickly noticed that music was going to play a major role in his life. At the age of 7 he was selected to be a member of the Westminster Abbey Choir under Martin Neary. As a member of the choir he toured Russia and France, made best selling recordings including the best selling Tavener’s Innocence, and participated in many state occasions. In 2002 Kelcey started reading Music at Durham University and specialised in composition working with ensembles such as the Allegri Quartet, Chroma and Piano Circus. For his Masters he wrote the symphonic work Solar Movements, movements of which have been performed by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and the Northern Sinfonia and was written with input from Michael Finnissy and recording sessions with Loré Lixenberg.

Kelcey’s compositions are influenced by the works of Iannis Xenakis, Edgard Varèse, Luigi Russolo, Luciano Berio and György Ligeti.


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